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As a convenience for prospective clients of The Colonial Cabinet Shop, estimates are given at no charge via e-mail. Describe your project in as much detail as possible (do not send attachments, drawings or photos yet, or it could be deleted unopened); if further information is needed, you will be contacted by e-mail or telephone. This is simply the initial estimate. The final cost may be higher or lower, depending on numerous options, features, and details. One or more projects on the website may be used as a base of comparison for the cost of your project.

For proprietary reasons, drawings and sketches are not e-mailed or released to the prospective client until later in the ordering process. Phone consultations and e-mail messages are usually sufficient for a set of drawings to be presented at the first meeting.

For the first meeting, prospective clients are requested to visit The Colonial Cabinet Shop; it is here that the project details are finalized and the contract signed, along with the initial payment of 50% that commissions the piece to be built. After this, an appointment is made to get precise measurements at the client's home, if needed. In some circumstances, the initial meeting will produce enough "to be determined" items that the contract signing, drawing presentation, and commissioning will take place at the client's home during the field measure. This process has worked very well for many years; it keeps production going in the shop. Driving all over Atlanta burning fuel and valuable shop time does not work, so please do not expect an on the spot estimate at your home.

Please note: We are sorry to say it, but we have gone out of business; and so we will be unable to accept any new projects. Please feel free to enjoy viewing our completed projects, and contact us if you have any questions.

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Privacy Statement: We won't share your contact information with anyone, anywhere, anytime, ever.  Your communications with us are important and will remain confidential.  Telemarketing and SPAMM email messages are way out of hand these days, and we'll not support such violations of American privacy.

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